About me

Joe Hammoura

Joe Hammoura is a specialist in Middle Eastern and Turkish affairs and the co-founder of Leadership for Sustainable Development NGO. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in International Relations at Kocaeli University in Turkey. He holds a Masters degree in International Relations with Honors from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik - Lebanon (2015). In his undergraduate studies he acquired a BA in Political and Administrative Sciences from the Lebanese University (2008).


His work focuses on the internal Turkish policies, foreign affairs and its direct and indirect implications on the Middle East. He works in Phoenix Center for Lebanese Studies (CPEL) and is a fellow researcher in Turkish Affairs in the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies (MEIRSS) based in Lebanon. Additionally he writes in different magazines, newspapers and websites about Middle Eastern affairs.


In like manner, Hammoura is a freelance lecturer, conducting lectures about Turkish and regional affairs in numerous Lebanese universities and institutes representing the research centers he works at.